How to File your own Divorce in Florida?

Filing for divorce without an attorney can be very frustrating and confusing. The amount of forms needed for a divorce is quite ridiculous if you ask me. But I guess they all serve a purpose and are meant for your best interest.

  1. In order to file your own divorce pro-se (without an attorney) you will need to either purchase a divorce packet from the courthouse or download the Florida Divorce forms online (you can actually find them for free). 
  2. Once you have your divorce packet filled out you must sign and notarize your documents. 
  3. You must make 2 copies and have 1 original of all the documents. 
  4. Take your documents to the courthouse and file your divorce. A filing fee of $408 will be charged unless you apply and qualify for free court cost (We can help you with this is you use our services). Note: If you live in Miami-Dade County you must make an appointment with the self-help department and have your documents reviewed before you can file your divorce. 
  5. Once your case is filed you will have to wait for a final hearing to be set. 
  6. Once you get a final hearing date you will need to attend the hearing (normally only the person who files the divorce will be required to appear in court).
  7. At the hearing the judge will grant your divorce and everything will be finalized (unless your spouse decides to contest the divorce).

How can I Get Filing Fees Waived for a Florida Divorce? 

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