How can I Get Filing Fees Waived for a Florida Divorce? 

How can I Get Filing Fees Waived for a Florida Divorce? 


Trying to get a divorce when your on a limited income can be very nerve wrecking and expensive, especially in Florida were the filing fee for divorce can run you about $408. If you went to the self-help center to purchase your divorce packet at the local courthouse they probably didn't mention or included an application for free court cost (also know as Application for determination of civil indigent status). The reason why they don't mention this application is because they rather have you pay them the full filing fee rather than give you free court cost based on your income. If they can avoid losing money they will do their best by not mentioning the indigent application.

Where can I find the application for civil indigent status?

You basically have 3 options.

  1. Your first option is to would be to use my simple divorce online to help you prepare your divorce. When include and fill out the application for determination of civil indigent status for you at no extra charge. We have years of experience in preparing divorces and having court fees waived. One minor error on your application and the court will gladly deny your application. 
  2. Your second option would be to get the application online for free by going to   . Simply fill out the application and turn it in with your divorce packet (if you use our services you won't have to worry about this step.)
  3. If your filing your own divorce you can ask the clerk at the time of filing for this application. If you don't ask them for the application they will not mention to you. Once they give the application just fill it out in front of the clerk and turn it in. 

  How do I know if I qualify for civil indigent status?

In order to qualify for civil indigent status with no problems you must be you must have a net annual income at or below the federal poverty guidelines. Below is the poverty guidelines for 2017. 



For families/households with more than 8 persons, add $4,180 for each additional person.










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