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Process for Florida Uncontested Simple No Court Divorce

If your looking for a cheap and easy way to get your divorce in Miami-Dade or within the State of Florida, then look no further. We make the pro-se divorce process easy.

The process for our no court divorce online is simple. First you must determine of you qualify. According to Florida Statute, In order to get divorced in the state of Florida you must be a Florida resident for a minimum of 6 months and the marriage is irretrievably broken. The second step is that you and your spouse must be willing to sign all of the divorce documents and have no unresolved issues. If you meet these requirements then our No Court Divorce is right for you. We follow a simple 3 step process. First you choose the type of divorce or service you need. Second, simply fill out a short questionnaire sheet. Third, pay for the service you need and sit back and relax. Our Uncontested No Court Florida Divorces normally take 30 days to finalize. In some rare cases it can take up to 45 days. But overall, its fairly quick, we file all of your divorce papers online and you usually get a case number within 24 hours. The best part is that you don't ever have to step foot in a courthouse and your final judgment is sent to you via mail directly from court. If you need a certified copy of your final judgment you simply go online on the courts website and you request a copy for about $5. So what are you waiting for? Doing your own divorce doesn't mean that you have to do it by yourself. Our document preparers are professional and very experienced.